PMI Audio Visual Alarm

PMI Audio Visual Alarm

PMI Audio Visual Alarm

PMI Audio Visual Alarm is a high-quality Alarm


audio visual alarm,

Audio visual alarm system

Circuit – Electronic Control Card for instant automatic operation during power failure.
Charging – Constant current Controlled charging circuit including automatic Cut off when battery gets fully discharged and protection against over Charge.
Lamps – Blinking light in Red Color
Light Intensity – 40 Lux
Sound – Electronic Alarm with 80 Db. output
Input Voltage – 220 V ± 10 % 50 HZS.
D C Voltage – 11V D.C.
Battery – 1 No. 11.1V 2600 Mah Li-ion battery pack
Switching – Provision for switching off the alarm system as and when desired by pushing off the test Switch & resetting after the use.
Cabinet – CRC 22 SWG Powder Coated. Provision for wall Mounting with a handle for portability/ carrying.
Weight – 1.5 kg (appx.)
Note – Can be used vertically or horizontally
Product – Audio visual alarm system

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